Troubleshooting connectivity issues for your VOIP or gaming

Troubleshooting connectivity issues for your VOIP or gaming


Add exclusion for the app in both the antivirus and the firewall


Make sure any and all ethernet (internet) cables are CAT5e. if they have CAT5 printed on them with no “e”, then replace them with CAT5e.

Buy your own docsis 3.0 modem. Look for one that has channel bonding of eight downstream channels and four upstream channels.

Linux Command Line and Networking Knowledge

Basic Linux Command Line and Networking Knowledge


dig - DNS lookup utility
dig +noall +answer
Instead of disabling all the sections that we don't want one by one, we can disable all sections using +noall (this turns off answer section also), and add the +answer which will show only the answer section.
dig MX +noall +answer #mail exchange
dig NS +noall +answer #nameserver
dig ANY +noall +answer

LAN Night Games

So have a LAN night coming up?

desura  is a content management system, similar to steam. Desura focuses more on indie games and mods though.
Full list of free games on Desura

Here is a list of the ones that maybe good for a LAN night:

Some quick advice for windows users

If you have been trouble shooting an issue for a while and looking for something to try...
Go to search/run from the windows key.
msconfig is used to edit the startup applications not listed in startup. Most everything would be OK to disable, but it probably not a good idea to disable 3rd party drivers :p
do not use msconfig for the services, instead use....
services.msc is to control the services, disable norton from here :p
to rerun the Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, type 'mrt' in the search and right click it to run it as the admin

steamCMD on Ubuntu

Installing and configuring Linux dedicated servers for steamCMD on Ubuntu x64

at the time of this writing, I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS x64

burn an image from to a CD or DVD and boot to it

Select install and it will ask you simple questions like time zone (location) & keyboard layout.

The part people get confused on is preparing the disk, most people would chose “erase and use entire disk” but lets go through “specify partitions manually”.

In partitioning, you will need 2 partitions: swap & ext4 file system. 

February Repair Special

For February 2013, the first 10 people to commission PC's to be modified to better assist the visually impaired will recieve 50% off my already incredibly low labor cost.

For as low as $10, I will wipe away windows and customize/ secure the computer for you or your loved one.

email to start a custom quote

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